Cat fountains: entertain your cat

Pets are a source of fun and comfort. The sweet feeling you get when holding that pet cat is unique and you will never get it elsewhere.

Did you know what adequate watering of your cat could do? The same way water is essential for you, it is to a pet. You need to take eight glasses a day by your doctor; your cat needs just an ounce of water.

Water is a very important part of the diet for cats. Over 70 % of a cat is composed of water and therefore they require water just as we do.

The same way people have drinking problems, so does your pet cat. If you are observant enough, you will notice when there is a problem. The good thing is that you can play around its mind and they take water.

Cat fountains

When your pet cat refuses to take water, do not force it or ignore them. Have you ever seen how cats are attracted to anything moving in a pattern?

What if you made the water move, how would the cats react? Naturally, all animals relate moving water with clean water. Maybe the concept of the river has never got out of them.

Water fountains create water patterns and movements, in addition to aeration. With such movements, your cat will be attracted and you will increase its water intake. Cat fountains have some advantages including:

ü Constant circulation- inhibits bacteria growth

ü Activated carbon filter-eliminates odors and clears off any dirt particles.

Other than increasing the cat’s water intake, cat fountains assure your cat has access to clean and healthy water. This will promote growth of a healthy pet cat that will serve its intended purpose.

Why your cat needs water

Water is life, and this concept remains for animals. A cat gets thirsty the same way we humans get. When it is hot or when you feed them dry food, they risk getting dehydrated. What is more surprising is that they also have kidney complications if exposed to prolonged dehydration. Some of the benefits of adequately watering your cat are:

Body temperature regulation

Body temperatures are sources of comfort for both humans and animals. When your cat has adequate water, its body temperature is under regulation, and it will always be comfortable. Cat fountains will keep the cat entertained and increase it water intake.

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