How to tell if a guy likes you – Clear Signals Which Suggests You Are More Than A Friend!

How to tell if a guy likes you We are here to tell you what most of the guys do when they really like a girl. There are some common signals that will suggest the guy likes you and it is your time to move one step closer. When guys do feel attracted towards a woman, they will execute many subconscious things which are nearly impossible to hide.

With no further delay, here are clear signals which suggest if a guy like you:

  1. He notice Your Change In Look – If you have changed the way you hair or applied some different makeup or even change your hair color, he will notice it out and compliment on it. It is a huge sign as generally guys are not interested in looks of a girl in whom they are not interested. If he is paying special attention to your look, in simple words he is attracted to you.
  2. Does He Tease You all the time? – If he is teasing you all the time, don’t ignore it and try to pay close attention. Gentle tease is always fun and it would only mean he is attracted towards you. Gentle teasing is an effective tactic applied by most of the younger guys to show their interest.
  3. Plenty Of Questions – Asking questions is a way to keep talking with you. He is trying hard to get somewhere and desire to find out whether you like him or not. He will ask questions about irrelevant things in order to ensure things keep going.
  4. Similar Interests With You – An interested guy will ask certain questions in order to seek out important information about the interest which will allow hooking you. If you like watching movies, he will get excited and invite you for a movie quickly. A guy who likes you doesn’t want to get involved in an argument so he will be mostly agreeable.
  5. He Leans Towards You – When you talk to him, he will try to lean in your direction. Even, if he is able to hear you clearly but still he will lean in to hear you. The guy who is not interested will not make a positive movement of their neck but the interested guy will make a lot of efforts while having a conversation with you.
  6. He behaves differently when you are around – Try to hang out with the guy when his friends are around. Then observe him carefully from a distance when he is just with his friends. If he behaves differently, he is trying his level best to impress you out.
  7. He asks for your number – A guy will only ask for your number when he likes you. The only time when a guy will ask for your number even when he is not interested, there will be some obvious reasons. If he makes a funny reason for your number, you are getting a clear signal of his interest in you.

Follow the clear signals and erase all your doubts regarding a guy who likes you from

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